Presentation of the rejuvenated version of the legendary CHANEL N°5

conferences Client: CHANEL

It’s been almost 100 years since fashion designer Coco Chanel created the world’s most iconic perfume, CHANEL N°5, which changed the world of fragrances. The CHANEL brand loves to surprise people, so it made no exception when choosing a country where it would launch a new version of its world-famous fragrance: Slovakia!

We had the honour to prepare an unforgettable workshop where over 70 journalists from all over Europe could discover a rejuvenated version of this classic perfume in a playful and unusual way. For the occasion, we had created a special multi-level installation at the Nedbalka gallery, which consisted of several presentation rooms filled with activities. The highlight of the event was the presentation of Olivier Polge, the author of the rejuvenated CHANEL N°5 fragrance.

European journalists


Pieces of unique scenic elements


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