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I’m interested in owning my own Mertel agency. How do I get started? #franchise


First, you have to be experienced in the field of event marketing with proven references. All you need to do is just fill the form, choose the region in which you are interested in opening your Mertel agency, upload your professional CV with project references and wait until we will contact you.


Who can be a partner? #franchise


Anyone, who is experienced in the field of event marketing, can become a partner. Project managers, freelancers, small agencies or anyone who is skilled in this field in his region.


How much does it cost to open a MERTEL agency? #franchise


Good news! As we know how hard and expensive can be to build your agency, we provide you with our "mobile office" - a MacBook packed with ORCHESTRA and everything you need to start working. To be representative you just need to have a business space provider like Regus to have an opportunity to rent representative spaces (for presentations, meetings) and an accounting company.


What is ORCHESTRA? #franchise


ORCHESTRA is our proprietary system that does everything that usually takes up a lot of time in event planning and running your own event agency. It´s an international platform of unique concepts from local markets, combined with a next-generation project planning system uses advanced data analysis to present you with monthly business intelligence reports that help you improve daily processes and overall key success metrics. At the same time, you’ll benefit from more than a decade of our experience in running all aspects of a successful event agency with clear best practices and actionable feedback.