360° Creative Event Production252

Award-winning projects in scale of VIP events, Employee events, Music festivals, Anniversaries, Fairs and Exhibitions, Product launch, Incentives, Green meetings and events


We are proud to be a strong partner for brand companies, pharmaceutical companies and European institutions in providing conference services in the categories of B2B, B2C, G2B, G2C.

Hybrid Solutions26

The future of communication. Next-gen digital solutions and hybrid projects 360°Creative Event Production or conferences. There’s no limit to reach people who matter the most for our clients.

Merchandising powered by AI79

Innovation is our DNA. That’s why we’ve developed ORCHESTRA. Awarded BI software in the category of automatisation next-gen project management services. We can schedule every aspect of your Merchandise needs within a few hours. Client’s view enables JUST-IN-TIME data integration like Scheduling, Multimedia Trainings, Plan of 360°scale activities in different locations, Real time view, Reporting, Dynamic Stats, Audit and many more.

Sales Promotion with SMART Data Analytics97

Hand-to-heart sampling and gathering all necessary data with our innovative software. Sales promotion with SMART Data Analytics assists customers in adopting data-driven decision-making, decisions that boost revenues, increase margins and enable rapid responses to changing market dynamics. We also provide business intelligence systems in order to implement automatised Reporting & KPI to support decision makers.


At Mertel, we connect qualified employees with our customers from marketing and sales fields to support various projects. In our ORCHESTRA platform we’ve rated candidates from different marketing&sales industries allowing us to provide clients with flexible personnel solutions to meet the needs of temporary assignments.

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