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why franchise

Open your new agency with a 17-year headstart.

There’s no better way to open or expand your own Live & Experiential marketing agency than with Mertel franchising.

We know how big a step it is to start your own agency and how impossible it seems to get into large new business pitches when you’re a small player.

That’s why we decided to franchise Mertel. To help people, who love Live & Experiential marketing as much as we do, succeed at their dream of owning a profitable agency.

Our proposal is simple. On day 1 you get all the benefits of a long-established agency – a strong brand, efficient processes, client references and access to new international business. On top of that you also get ORCHESTRA – an AI platform of unique ideas, strategies from local markets, combined with a next generation project planning system.

And the best part? You get to keep all the freedom and ownership that motivated you to start your own agency in first place.

Let's open a Mertel Live & Experiential marketing agency in your region together.

how it works

It's easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here’s a short recap of what your road to opening a Mertel franchise agency will look like.

First, we get to know each other.

This business is about people. That’s why we’d like to get to know you (and you us) first. Just fill out the form below and your dedicated Mertel representative will get in touch with you.

Get all our know-how over a weekend.

If we got great chemistry with you, we’ll invite you for a weekend training workshop in one of our established office. Our experienced tutors will teach you everything you need to make your Mertel office a success. You’ll also get an in-depth understanding of ORCHESTRA.

At the end of the workshop, you take a test.

Open your Live & Experiential marketing agency.

Congratulations, you’ve passed the test!

Now we give you your Mertel office – a MacBook packed with ORCHESTRA and everything you need to start working.

We will also continue supporting you, providing continuous mentorship and training to assure that your agency will be successful.

the Mertel benefits

3 reasons why franchising with us leads to success

Harness the power of Mertel's brand

Since our work is to help build brands for our customers, we all understand how important branding is for a business’ success. We’ve been also recognized by the prestigious German Brand Award for Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation. And with Mertel franchising your brand-new agency can benefit from our strong brand in multiple ways.


universal Mertel brand, corporate identity and design manual ready to be adapted for your needs


a website fully localized to your target market's languages


professionally designed marketing materials, business cards, multimedia presentation templates, budgets and more


quarterly online advertising campaigns generating awareness and leads for your Mertel agency in your market


social media channel management and content creation

Get a new business boost thanks to our proven market research & services

It’s hard to succeed as a new Live & Experiential marketing agency when all clients require proofs of concepts or previous work and experience to even invite you to their pitch. When you join us through Mertel franchising you get to basically skip the line and much more from day one. It’s why we say joining Mertel is like having a 17 years’ head start.


Mertel work references since 2005 to use in new business pitches


international awards to bolster your pedigree


ISO compliance management systems required by multinational clients


streamlined project management processes honed over more than a decade


daily detailed market research of high-profile new business projects in your region

ORCHESTRA – it's like hiring 20 people without hiring anyone

ORCHESTRA is our proprietary system that does everything that usually takes up a lot of time in project planning and running your own agency. It saves time and money as it helps you work on more projects on your own or with fewer people.

Being fully digital, ORCHESTRA uses advanced data analysis to present you with monthly business intelligence reports that help you improve daily processes and overall key success metrics. At the same time, you’ll benefit from from our experience of more than a decade in running all aspects of a successful agency with clear best practices and actionable feedback.

To make your agency launch lightning-fast, we get you started with a free mobile office – a MacBook packed with ORCHESTRA and everything you need to start working.


proven sales activities framework with HQ guidance to leverage best practices towards faster sales closing and project delivery


constantly growing library of creative ideas and strategies from the whole Mertel network, easy to search and simple to implement


detailed item-line budgets and timings


ready to use strategies for projects


new business projects pipeline with hundreds of prospective clients


hundreds of reliable suppliers in database, incl. ratings


easy and efficient personnel sharing between Mertel offices to get lightning fast support with large projects from people thoroughly familiar with all processes and tools you use


recommendations on use of various sales techniques in new business based on robust business intelligence reports


project management processes improvement, including development of persuasive presentation skills


your personal Monthly Advice Report based on ORCHESTRA's business intelligence data for sales activities, creative output, presentation client feedback and project delivery


intensive mentoring focused on strengthening weak spots in skills and processes

Be our partner!

If you’re thinking of starting your own agency and believe that Live & Experiential marketing projects can build brands, we’d love to talk to you.

Before you apply you will need:

passion for creativity and execution Live & Experiential marketing projects

experience in the field and your target market

contact us on email

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Still got questions?

Our FAQ section has further details on how our franchising partnership model works.

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